Real Estate
Feel “Like at home” before ever setting foot in it-instead of in it use insede (set foot inside)
Simplify the process of buying a real estate for your customers by enabling them to visualize the property, give tours, proved vital information and details about property – ALL through augmented reality. No need to get inside the building or house.
Acquiring a new property is always a difficult effort, as customers require lots of information before the purchase. Being able to walk on the street and stop in front of that new building and get vital information changes the game.
With Augmented Reality, you can provide tours inside properties, give customers detailed previews and allow for richer asynchronous sales experiences than before.
Provide information about the property to your investors and customers even before the property is built
Augmented.City is an augmented reality cloud & platform ecosystem that allows you to capture, enrich with data, and visualize it on location in basically any device.
The variety options for the Real Estate
Promotions & sales with AR