Smart City & Tourism
AR/XR technologies bring us closer to the concepts of a smart city and digital tourism. They serve as an effective marketing tool and help promote areas and sights, as well as being used to create city guides and tours. All this contributes to the development of accessible and comfortable environment and related infrastructure for different categories of tourists.
Make any destination feel like home upon arrival
When travelers arrive to unfamiliar places they wonder where to go next. With Augmented City they could get direction or a route to the next point of interest, locate restaurants and shops, screening live through reviews or locating places in an interactive way, in their own language, 24/7. Avoiding "risky" zones in the city, and enhance a traveler’s experience of exploring a new town in a deep way.
The case studies
Historical portals
Sochi installation full version
The video contains the following case studies of BlackHawk, museum San Francisco, AIDS memorial Seattle, St. Nicolas museum in Bari (Italy), Christmas installations in Seattle
Increasing the attractiveness of tourist routes
A new perspective on the streets of cities, landmarks and cultural objects. AR-projects vividly tell a story of a place, immerse in historical context, enrich perception and strengthen an emotional connection through immersiveness and storytelling, using modern visual components of 3D-graphics.
Interactive navigation along
specific routes or around all the city provides up-to-date information about attractions, hotels, cafes and restaurants in real time and enables the use of interactive advertising (promotional videos, bright advertising installations using gamification).
Innovation and Competence
Our team has a lot of experience in creating extensive historical scenes in AR, large-scale 3D reconstructions, AR excursions with an interactive 3D guide in real historical locations, AR navigation to restore lost cultural heritage in AR.