Traditional outdoor advertising is ceasing to be an effective marketing tool. People are no longer attracted to static ad structures. In addition, many cities around the world are actively working to free historic centers from spontaneous outdoor advertising as it’s not allowed to be placed on the facades of historic buildings. AR makes it possible to transform outdoor advertising into a digital promotional tool. Thus, it can be made memorable and personalized, while taking care of green footprint and sustainability.
AR billboards and interactive showcases make a clear statement about a brand, engage the consumer and get a feedback.
The AR billboards
NFT tool for Ads and billboards in metaverso
Placing the billboards in AR anywhere without touching the surfaces of the historical buildings. It's possible to change the content when it's needed without reinstallation and extra costs, as well as to add NFT function
Wow effect
AR advertising surprises consumers, engages them in interaction and helps deliver information as effectively as possible. Real estate and retail companies appreciated the wide opportunities to combine outdoor advertising and digital technologies in the city.
Eco-friendliness and respect for the historical appearance of locations
AR advertising can be located in any previously inaccessible locations. Facades of buildings are not affected, there is no need to install advertising structures. Content can be changed without reinstallation and additional costs as needed.