AR is a true discovery for artists, gallerists and digital art connoisseurs. Our AR-based solutions make it possible to create, display, trade, sell and buy digital art objects designed in NFT.

In order for 2D and 3D digital artwork to be understood, appreciated and bought, it needs to be displayed demonstrating depth and context. And the best solution here is AR technologies. They can be used to assemble a virtual gallery anywhere in the physical world, introduce the lots from all the sides, see additional information about each and immediately make a transaction in the most convenient way.

The world's leading galleries, fashion houses, and auctions are already interested in this way of showing objects. Thanks to AR tools, it is possible to organize a lavish show or an auction with its inherent festive atmosphere, but the objects of demonstration will be digital assets.
Make any destination feel like home upon arrival
When travelers arrive to unfamiliar places they wonder where to go next. With Augmented City they could get direction or a route to the next point of interest, locate restaurants and shops, screening live through reviews or locating places in an interactive way, in their own language, 24/7. Avoiding "risky" zones in the city, and enhance a traveler’s experience of exploring a new town in a deep way.
Ease of demo
AR allows to visualize 2D and 3D content in a human-friendly format. Digital art exhibitions can be organized both indoors and outdoors. Viewing can be complemented with real-time NFT buying, selling, and sharing functions.
A new dimension for creativity
Not only has AR become a guide to the world of NFT but also inspiration for many artists to create immersive works of art. In addition to digital 2D and 3D content, work can be supplemented with various virtual components and sounds. All of this immerses the viewer into a new world with the fourth dimension, giving the possibility of interactive interaction with physical space and digital objects.