AR/XR in education is a breakthrough in the way of presenting study material and in getting information by students of any age. AR projects perfectly complement the classical teaching methods, making the process of learning and memorization of material more effective (as learning new things from experience is much more effective than only with the help of theoretical knowledge). The possibilities of AR technology facilitate multi-sensory perception. The user is deeply immersed in a subject area, whether it is a reconstruction of a historical scene, visualization of lost cultural heritage or a 3D model of the human heart. The toolkit of our app allows the teacher and students both to work through storytelling and visual content of their educational AR project on their own, and with the participation of our creative team.
Projects with schools and universities
The general request is to provide students with multisensory experiences that are impossible in the real world (like reconstruction of historical scenes, studding with the visualization of different objects and processes, like a model of a human heart, cell or the structure of atoms).
The school projects
Presentation of the results of the project with primary and middle schools (school children from 8 till 13 years old). The total number of participants was 150 pupils.
Increase the efficiency and speed of learning
By visualizing processes that are difficult to understand.

Best conditions for comfortable knowledge building
Content in XR is not limited to certain space. It can be placed in a school classroom, at student's home, or in the central city square.
Il volo di San Nicola in Realtà Aumentata
Safety and Environmentalism
Introductory and primary professional workshops related to the risk of injury, AR experiments will help make learning safe, environmentally friendly and overcome students’ emotional barriers.