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Augmented.City has solved the problem of censorship around the world

An Italian tech startup has come up with a solution to eliminate censorship entirely. Using augmented reality, residents of any country in the world can leave public messages, share thoughts and views on virtual boards, in augmented reality.
Messages that were left in the virtual world will be visible to all owners of smartphones and devices with AR support. And after the release of Apple glasses, the availability of uncensored messages may be higher than that of classic media or social networks.
The principle of this new tool is simple. When you use mobile application you can create public virtual wall with augmented reality on real buildings.
‘You can write on the wall whatever you want. For example, you can call on saving external appearance, fight vandalism and just express an opinion. Virtual walls are not subject to censorship or moderation. Graffiti on walls in the real world can be changed or painted over, but in augmented reality we want to give people the highest degree of freedom of speech’, said Nicola Bonerba, one of the co-founders of Augmented.City.
According to him, a mechanism for moderating inscriptions on virtual walls is unlikely to be developed and needed. The authors of the decision rely on the self-regulation of the society. At the same time, they admit that certain moral difficulties will arise. But in the same way they appear in any city or quarter.
‘White walls cannot be a sign of true freedom. If there is no way to paint them in real life, it can be done in augmented reality. AR is free all over the world, and with the development of new technologies it will become available to absolutely everyone,’ Bonerba emphasized.
It is noteworthy that all augmented reality can become an uncensored free world. The world we are used to, say the creators of Augmented.City, has a second layer. Using a mobile application, you can not only communicate, but also create virtual signs, offer services or sell housing.
The AR world is to be filled with useful labels and meaning. Augmented.City provides free tools for this - a scanner and AR player. Additionally, application developers will receive a free SDK to help them adapt or produce augmented reality applications.