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Bari is all in one app: discovering the city through your smartphone

Just frame a palace, a square, a monument or a place in Bari to get all the information: from notes on history and architecture to reviews on Tripadvisor in the case of commercial activities. At least turning in the districts most frequented by tourists (the Murattiano, the old town, Poggiofranco or the beach of San Girolamo). Everything within reach of the camera. It is the result of an innovative app based on Ar Cloud technology and on an IT protocol developed in Bari by the Italian-Cypriot company Augmented City srl.
The app is called Ac Tourist and can already be downloaded on Apple's smartphones (the version for Android devices is coming soon). "It is useful for tourists, but also for students, especially Millennials, who can learn the history of the city in a dynamic and fun way," explains Katherina Ufnarovskaia, 40, originally from St. Petersburg and at the top of society. With her are Nicola Bonerba, president of Ance Puglia and the Cypriot company Vergendo Ltd. In charge of the Michela di Vietro project, but among the volunteers and professionals involved the list is long. The app will also be available for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Barcelona and Amsterdam.