Tourism and Travel
Make any destination feel like home upon arrival
When travelers arrive to unfamiliar places they wonder where to go next. With Augmented City they could get direction or a route to the next point of interest, locate restaurants and shops, screening live through reviews or locating places in an interactive way, in their own language, 24/7. Avoiding "risky" zones in the city, and enhance a traveler’s experience of exploring a new town in a deep way.
Enrich your destination experiences
Imagine you are in a tour bus or a theme park, you point your camera at a character or building in the park, and you can see their story, rich in details you might not know about them and a way to the store.
With Augmented City, you can keep visitors in parks longer, interested and engaged. Opening new possibilities for museums, zoos, aquariums, science centre's and theme parks creating immersive experiences.
Mobile Apps & Products
Games & E-sport